Here you get the original SURVIVOR CHICK SHIRT!


14th April 2014
by Marli

Anastacia performing at Hofparty in Hannover
Anastacia will be performing for Radio FFN in Hannover on 21st April for the event Hofparty. The entrance will be free, so if you can make time try to go there! You'll find further information here.

News and Interviews
In the last couple of days many many interviews and articles about and with Anastacia have been published. Here is a collection:

New pictures
In the last couple of days Anastacia has been to many radio stations, German cities and to the Regenbogen Awards. Many pictures have been taken, we are giving you a collection of where to find them:

  • Joel Anderson Shooting (Anastacia Elegance)
  • Charivari Münchens Hitradio (Link)
  • Anastacia meets fans in Rust (Link)
  • Anastacia at Hotel Bayrischer Hof in München (Link)
  • Anastacia meets fans in Köln (Link)
  • Radio Regenbogen Awards Gallery (Link)
  • Radio Regenbogen Red Carpet (Link 1) (Link 2)

Wetten Dass
Here you can finally see the full video of Anastacia's appearance at Wetten Dass last Saturday, 5th April.

Anastacia Promo Diary
Anastacia started writing a diary on her official website as she started her promotional tour. Read everything about the recent events in the first part of her promo diary.

06th April 2014
by Marli

Single Release for Stupid Little Things
Most countries released Stupid Little Things by now and you can buy it on Itunes or Amazon. Help Anastacia to bring the single to the top of the charts! Here is also an official BMG Text about the single release. Additional info: Resurrection will get a USA release on 6th May!

Promotion in Berlin
Anastacia was in Berlin and gave lots of interviews but also managed to make some time to meet familiar you can read the Interview which also shows a video of the interview. Here is the BZ Interview for you.

Interview with SoSoGay UK and Closer (France)
Anastacia gave SoSoGay an interview, read it here. Furthermore she gave the French version of the magazin Closer an interview, you can watch it here.

WARNING! Fasle tour dates
Apparently there have been tour dates on the internet recently, THEY ARE FALSE. Anastacia confirmed via Twitter that there are no tour dates yet and if there were any, you would find them on her website:

"Any touring info THAM FAKE for #resurrection tour will be announced ONLY on"

Wetten Dass
Anastacia appeared at Wetten Dass last Saturday and her performance was a huge success. The redshirts were loudly and proudly represented ;) There is also a backstage interview in which she gets asked your questions! On the Youtube-Channel of Wetten Dass you will find further clips that show Anastacia during the evening.

2nd April 2014
by Marli

Fanily out there, Anastacia needs your support!
We are currently working on a radio request list where you can find all the important radio stations worldwide and you can send your music wish with only a few clicks! Help to get Stupid Little Things even more airplays!

Interview with Attitude UK
Anastacia had an interview with Attitude UK which is a very interesting read. She also talks about how the song "I Don't Want To Be The One" is dedicated to her fans. Read the interview here.

"Now I feel that I have evolved and that is showing on the new album. I Don’t Want To Be The One is completely dedicated to my fans. I miss them so much and they would have to be the ones to say its over and then I’d still be like ‘I’m still in love with you’. I have a genuine respect and love for my fans. I’ve never experienced anything like that. I can’t even put it into words what it’s like to have such a strong base of people who get me. I think they get me because the music I do they can relate to and I’m only saying how I feel. We completely relate to each other without ever having met each other. It’s really trippy. I never really had that with an artist myself so experiencing that as an artist is really intense."

Album Deluxe Version
The Deluxe edition of "Resurrection" contains a mediabook, a 24 page booklet + 2 CD's including a new version of "Left Outside Alone". You can pre-order it on Itunes and Amazon.

Interviews mit Dailymail UK
Anastacia also gave an interview to Dailymail UK. Amongst other things she is talking about her mastectomy and how she feels about it. Read the interview here.

Wetten Dass
Anastacia told on twitter that the next country on her promo schedule is Germany! She went there yesterday for an 11-day-press-radio-interview-marathon with also a performance at the TV-show "Wetten Dass..?" on Saturday April 5th! The sold out show will take place at the Baden-Arena in Offenburg and Anastacia will perform Stupid Little Things.
Foreign fans will be able to watch it from 8.15 pm German time
on THIS website, pick the channel ZDF.

Winner of the March raffle
Congratulations to Michelle from Saarbrücken/Germany who won our selfmade "Heavy Rotation Tour DVD"! And we have already posted the next raffle!!! This month you can win this exclusive s.Oliver Banner and some additional goodies! Taking part is worth it!

30th March 2014
by Babs

Anastacia at Amici
Yesterday Anastacia premiered "Stupid Little Things" at the italian talent show Amici! She also performed "I'm Outta Love" with one of the contestants! Watch the performances here!

iTunes release Italy
The first single out of the album "Resurrecion" was released on iTunes in many European countries on March 28th and "Stupid Little Things" and already number ONE in Italy! Support Anastacia and buy the new single.

Female First Interview
Anastacia did an exclusive interview with Female First talking about her new material and her way through her second breast cancer treatment. You can read the interview here!

Interviews in France
Anastacia was also on a two days visit in Paris on March 25th and 26th, she did some interviews, like a small appearance on French show 50mn inside, watch the clip here (start 28 minutes). Also she did a special for Gala France which can be watched here!
Anastacia also did an interview for NonStopPeople in France which can be watched here!

Interview at MagicFM in London
Anastacia was interviewed on MagicFM in London on March28th, you can listen to the very funny interview below! Thanks to our Callum for recording and sharing it!

This is a tweet of the host with a wonderful picture of the both of them!

26th March 2014
by Babs

Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag 2014
Anastacia will be the headliner at the radio RPR1 stage at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag" festival in Neuwied/Germany on Friday July 18th! The festival is FOR FREE!!!

Release Dates
After some fans asked about the release dates for the east of Europe we can tell you that there is no date set yet but there will be a digital release!

22nd March 2014
by Tommy

Album Previews
Finally you can get a taste of 'Resurrection' by listening to ten previews of the album on You don't wanna miss them!

Official Website Update
The new official website has been updated with a bunch of new photos from the photoshoot done by Ralf Strathmann. Check them out here.

21st March 2014
by Tommy

'Stupid Little Things' Official Music Video
The official music video of Anastacia's upcoming single 'Stupid Little Things' has been released today on VEVO's YouTube Channel. Check it out by clicking here. Additionally, you can already pre-order the single, due to release on April 4th, on ITunes. The release contains 4 tracks including the album version of 'Dark White Girl'.

Pre-Order 'Resurrection'
Since today you can also pre-order Anastacia's sixth studio album named 'Resurrection', due to release on May 9th. The ITunes-Version contains 15 tracks with two bonus songs included. Unfortunately, there are no audible previews available yet.

Win Secret-Concert Tickets
The UK radio station MagicFM will present an intimate concert of Anastacia at a secret place in London on April 28th. You can only win tickets for that show. More information can be found here.

Anastacia headlines Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag 2014
On July 18th Anastacia will give a concert in Neuwied, Germany. The entrance to the OpenAir festival organised by german radio station RPR1 is free. Anastacia is sheduled for 22:30.

19th March 2014
by Babs

Vanity Fair Italy
In todays issue of the italian Vanity Fair was an exclusive interview with Anastacia as also two new photos! A translation of the interview can be found on Anastacia Fanclub Italy!

click for a bigger version

17th March 2014
by Marli

Website is online again! Check it out.

Offical Press Release

BMG Italy released the album cover. According to FemaleFirst the deluxe version will contain 14 tracks and the normal version 10 tracks. About the album and single Anastacia had to say the following:

"Writing songs helps pull you past the dark moments. Just being able to speak my story is a great help. 'Stupid Little Things' is about trying not to over think everything to make it much bigger than it is. For me it's about: don't focus on the small stuff!"

Release Dates:

5th May - UK, Spain and Portugal
6th May - Italy
9th May - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Nordics
12th May - France

Pre-Order from this Friday 21st March.

New Album Shooting Photos
© Ralf Strathmann

16th March 2014
by Babs

Anastacia is scheduled to perform at the Radio RS2 Summerfestival in Berlin/Germany on August 16th at the Kindl-Bühne/Wuhlheide! Tickets are available for € 27,90 excl. fees! Thanks to our members Astrid and Birgit for letting us know!

The official BMG press release and album cover will be published tomorrow at 11:00 am (CET), so stay tuned for all the official details!

Anastacia tweeted yesterday how much joy all the comments about "Stupid Little Things" brought to her life! And like we're used to there was this little typo that brought up a lot of fun, as she wrote SPOCK instead of SPROCK! One of her producers answered, check it below!

According to BMG France Anastacia will be in Paris on March 25th and 26th!

14th March 2014
by Babs

It is official now that Anastacia's comeback single "Stupid Little Things" will be released on March 21st on different radio stations! Also Anastacia confirmed the single and album name today on twitter. Aswell as she also told that the new website will be launched on March 17th! So stay tuned for more to come! You can listen to a 30 seconds preview of the song here from Radio FFH.

Anastacia will get the "Charity and Entertainment Award" at the Radio Regenbogen Awards which will be held for the second time at the Europa Park in Rust/Germany on April 11th, tickets are available for € 290,-! According to the promoter Anastacia will give the proof for being a power lady on that evening, this sounds like she will be live on stage there!
And we now also got some photos from the new shooting! Thanks to

11th March 2014
by Babs

Sony Music Entertainment started a Charity and is auctioning 150 original platin- & gold- awards of their artists!
The profits of this auction go to the "Peter Maffay Charity" which is supporting therapeutic inhabitation from traumatised and handicapped children. The second organisation is "Kids To Life" which is supporting children in Syria with aid-packages! Find the complete award list on

Here are the links to the ANASTACIA AWARDS!!!

7th March 2014
by Babs

Title of the new album
Today we got to know that Anastacia's new upcoming album will be called "RESURRECTION"! Thanks to Robert Vetica for the news and pic he posted on instagram!

4th March 2014
by Babs

Anastacia at Amici
BMG Rights Management Italy confirmed that Anastacia will be at the italian show "Amici" which will be broadcasted on March 29th! And after Anastacia was asked by our Callum if she's performing her new single there, she answered with YES! So now it is definitely confirmed that the Promo is starting and that the single will be realeased around the end of March!

Winner of the February raffle
Congratulations to René Melzer from Graz/Austria who won the rare "It's A Man's World" poster! And we have already posted the next raffle!!! This month you can win our selfmade "Heavy Rotation Tour DVD" again! Taking part is worth it!

1st March 2014
by Babs

Anastacia in Italy
As we got to know today Anastacia will be at the italian show "Amici" more details to come, we will keep you up-to-date so please stay tuned here, on our facebook and also twitter! Thanks for the info to our Sabry!

27th Februar 2014
by Marli

Anastacia back in Europe
Today Anastacia announced via Twitter that she'll be back in Europe during the third March week: "Fanily i'm so excited 2 C all of U again. Reading all yur tweets makes me happy. Coming 2 Europe the third week of March. cnt believe iiiT!"

18th February 2014
by Babs

Full Performance
At least we got Anastacia's full performance from the german sustainability awards which where held on November 22nd 2013 in Düsseldorf/Germany, in HQ! Thanks to the Band that performed with here - The Allstars


13th February 2014
by Babs

Are you ready for a tease fanily?

12th February 2014
by Babs

A "new" song called "Crushin" appeared today! The song was recorded on July 7th 1999 and planed for the album "Not That Kind". But at least it never made the final cut! What a nice surprise while we all are waiting for the single that is planed for March! Thanks to for sharing!

7th February 2014
by Babs

January raffle
Today we investigated the winner of our January raffle, congratulations to Hetty from Tilburg/Netherlands! Enjoy the DVD!
And members the next raffle is waiting for you! This month you can win a poster from the "It's A Man's World" concert that was scheduled for April 20th 2013 in Vienna! This is a real special and rare poster!

27th January 2014
by Babs

Red Carpet Video
Our Sarah found a short video showing Anastacia at the red carpet of the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy-Gala!

26th January 2014
by Babs

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala
Anastacia visited the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala yesterday and had a good time also with Jessie J. as we can see in her latest tweets! Check out and follow her social networks to be up-to-date! More pics can be found on our facebook site in the Pre-Grammy-Gala album!

>> twitter << >> facebook<< >> instagram <<



23rd January 2014
by Babs

Behind the scenes
Antonio Suriano was kind enough to share some photos on Tumblr which show the scenery where the shooting for Anastacia's new video took place! It really looks amazing! Check the link to see more photos!

22nd January 2014
by Babs

New pics
Anastacia keeping us up to date on her instagram account, so follow her to check the latest pics she posted! She is currently shooing the video of her comeback single in the USA. Jason Myhre is doing the choreography, her already worked for her during the "Live At Last" and "Encore" tour. Jason sent a photo from the video set on twitter which was taken at the El Mirage Dry Lake in California!

20th January 2014
by Babs

New post
Anastacia is starting her photoshoot today and sent another tease on facebook and instagram!

19th January 2014
by Babs

Album News
On Janary 11th Anastacia sent a tweet and told us that she will post some album news on Friday the 17th! It took one day longer but it was more than expected, as she told us she starts a trip with 43 cases!!!! Check her instagram pic below!


8th January 2014
by Babs

Anastacia and Natalia
Anastacia and Natalia spent the new years eve together! Check some tweets below to see photos from the ladies from New Years Eve as also when they spent time together out in LA!

Anastacia and Natalia together with DavidCooley at "The Abbey", one of Anastacia's favourite clubs in LA!

January raffle
As we saw you all love our self made "Heavy Rotation Tour DVD" we have one more to raffle it these month! So take your chance head to the members area and participate!
Our monthly raffle are for members of the OFFICIAL ANASTACIA FANCLUB only, so if you aren't a member yet get up and register yourself! Don't forget that all our profits go to THE ANASTACIA FUND!

31st December 2013
by Babs

We wish our lovely lady Anastacia and the whole fanily all over the world a


May joy and succes, but over all HEALTH be with you!


Today we are ready to announce the winner of our 2013 XMAS-SPECIAL! Congratulations to MICHELLE FROM ISLIP TERRACE/USA for winning our special package you can see below! We hope you'll have fun with it!

24th December 2013
by Babs

We want to wish Anastacia and you all a merry christmas and peaceful time with your loved ones!
Never forget: "But, all I can say is that we're not promised tomorrow, I know that, you know that, so we gotta make every moment last and just bless it and appreciate it!"


Today we are ready to announce the winner of our 2013 XMAS-SPECIAL! Congratulations to MICHELLE FROM ISLIP TERRACE/USA for winning our special package you can see below! We hope you'll have fun with it!

15th December 2013
by Marli

Anastacia and Morbus Crohn
The German magazine Bunte published an article regarding Anastacia’s Morbus Crohn disease in its lifestyle section. We will give you a short summarizing translation, you find the original article here.

Anastacia’s medical condition has been a topic in the media regularly throughout the years. Besides battling cancer twice, she’s also been living with the Morbus Crohn’s disease for 32 years now. Until today this chronic inflammation of the bowel cannot be fully healed, therefore the goal is to prolong the phases that are free of complaints. During all those years in which Anastacia had to live with the disease, she went through quite some struggles. There have been times when the cortisone treatment had side effects like thinning hair or weight gain which made her depressed. Eventually, the power lady decided to face the illness and to cope with it successfully. Today she avoids all factors that could foster exacerbations. Her attitude towards life changed essentially. “I’ve learned to not be vain”, the pretty blonde tells the British magazine “Daily Mail”. “The outer shell isn’t as important – your spirit and your heart are what counts.”

7th December 2013
by Babs

Anastacia sent a new tweet about changes in next years release schedule:


4th December 2013
by Marli

November raffle
And the lucky winner of our November raffle is Mafalda from Lisbon/Portugal!
And as most of you know we have a XMAS-special every year in December and for sure also this year!
You can win the, fanclub self made, Heavy Rotation Tour-DVD, an original signed Heavy Rotation album, a s.Oliver bandana, a s.Oliver sweatband, button and Ssticker! So I would say taking part is really worth it for this package!

Anastacia visits Natalia
In the middle of November Anastacia and sister Shawn went to visit Natalia. The three of them seem to have spent fun times together going for GoKart driving and attenting Night Of The Proms. You can find pictures of all of it on Anastacia's Instagram account.

German Sustainability Award
Anastacia received an honory Sustainability Award for her engangement in Breast Cancer research on 22nd November. She performed three songs on stage and some of our members were lucky enough to meet her in a M&G before the show.

Photos M&G
Photos Red Carpet
Photos Award Show

Find more videos here, here and here!

Progress on the new album

Anastacia has been working with Jamie Hartman once again, you will find pictures of them on Jamie's Twitter account.

10th November 2013
by Babs

Anastacia's full appearance can be watched on our Youtube channel since yesterday. Watch singing "Paid My Dues" and "Left Outside Alone" as also accepting her award! Don't miss this touching moment showing the comeback of the year!!!

9th November 2013
by Marli

Anastacia's appearance and comeback after her second time of successfully battling breast cancer was a touching moment that gained a lot of attention in the press througout the world. We already linked you to most of the videos but we can now provide them cut and ready to go on our Youtube channel. Below you will find the RTL report, when you go to our youtube channel there are also the videos of, Bild TV and Brisant.

8th November 2013
by Babs

Yesterday the GQ-Awards took place at the Komische Oper in Berlin/Germany! Anastacia got the special award for work in Breast Cancer Awareness and sang "Paid My Dues" and "Left Outside Alone" on stage!
She looked simply stunning in her long black dress on the red carpet! You can find all photos on our facebook till the gallery is set up!
Anastacia stopped after leaving the show to talk to a few of our members! She told them that the love and support of the fanily helped her lots, also on the back now! The time till her next appearance in Düsseldorf she will spend togehter with her dear friend Natalia!

Yesterdays show will be broadcasted on Pro7 Maxx tonight at 22:10! You can also watch it online here. There will also be a special from the red carpet online on Pro7Maxx including the highlights of the show. The stream is starting on 21:30!

Report including a video from here
Report on daily mail here
Report from RTL in a video (from 18 mins on) here
Report from Bunte mit Video here
Report from with Video here
This threat will be updated with all info to come!

6th November 2013
by Babs

Anastacia arrived in Berlin today and a few members had the chance to say hello at the airport! Check some great photos on our facebook site!

Anastacia was happy to be traveling again and tweeted a pic when she started her trip as also during her traveling!

We are also happy to announce the winner of our October raffle! The signed "It's A Man's World" CD goes to Katrin from Leipzig/Germany! Congratulations! And as you're used to we already have the next raffle for our members!

Anastacia made the "Tweet Of The Day" in Germany! Many magazines wrote about her tweet with the photo where she's kissing the Michael Fassbender poster!

27th October 2013
by Babs

Sam Watters, who is working with Anastacia on her upcoming album, answered a fan question on twitter. He was asked if he can tell any news and he called it AMAZING!


23rd October 2013
by Babs

Anastacia tweeted today that she is trying to do a Meet & Greet while she is in Germany. Fingers crossed for the fanily that this will work!


22nd October 2013
by Babs

As we already knew Anastacia will come to Germany in November. And today we got to know that she will celebrate her stage comeback on November 7th in Berlin at the "GQ-Men Of The Year" awards! She will accept a special award for her work for Breast Cancer Awareness! So far Anastacia is the second lady that will get an award after Annie Lennox back in 2010!

Anastacia joined instragram now: "And finally....Instagram HERE I AM! Just joined..hmm this should be interesting!" Check it out and follow her here!

17th October 2013
by Babs

You remember that we announced the winner of our #KickTheCancerInTheAss raffle, his name is Max and he is coming from Italy! Max was so happy about winning this raffle, he sent us a picture and a wonderful message dedicated to the fanily as the photo he sent means a lot to him. Ready his story below! Thank you Max!

"I'd like to tell you a bit of the story behind the picture. I took it a few years ago, while I was going through one of the worst times of my life. I had a strong depression, and I took that photo to remind me that I had strenght hidden within me. You know, I'm a real kickboxer and I posed like I was getting ready to fight all over again.
All throughout these years the situation has changed for the better, as I found my strenght in friends, family, work, Buddhism, art... and music of course; Anastacia unknowingly helped me with her music and her powerful story. Whenever I'm feeling sad, I take a look at this photo to remind me that I have such wonderful things in my life I can rely on.
When I read about the Kick the cancer in the ass project, I immediately sent that photo as I thought that it was the best thing I could do to repay the gratitude debt I had with Anastacia; I wanted her to know that I was praying and hoping for her health.
Now she's doing fine and I won the prize... and obviously I'm happy and proud about it. But if my photo and the story behind it has served a bit to help her or whoever else is going through a hard time... well, that's the greatest prize I could win!


14th October 2013
by Babs

Anastacia tweeted a little bit about the upcoming album today. She has meetings because of the album all week long and will give more infos after that. It will be released around March/April and lead her also Australia again! She want's us fanily to keep questions coming on twitter, and she will answer what she can.

13th October 2013
by Babs

On Friday we got to know that Anastacia will celebrate her stage comeback in Germany! She will be in Düsseldorf/Germany on November 22nd at the german sustainability awards! Anastacia will accept the commitment award for her engagement in breast cancer awareness especially for younger women!

As Anastacia told us on her twitter she was in the studio again with Jamie Hartman! You remember their duett "Stalemate" for sure!

9th October 2013
by Tommy

The fanclub managed to organize a team for the Pink Ribbon Walk in Zürich, Switzerland on September 29th. In total, 3.700 people had participated and made the fantastic amount of 78.000 CHF possible, which was donated to cancer research. We wanna thank our members Larissa, Elsa, Silvia, Lorena, Tom, Dagi, Nora and Babs for their participation and contribution. You can find photos from the event in our gallery or by clicking on the team picture beneath.

7th October 2013
by Babs

Anastacia confirmed on twitter that the first single of the upcoming album will be released at the end of January 2014! So it is not that long till we will hear new SPROCK MUSIC from our lady!
She also tweeted a pic showing her together with Beth Ditto, front lady from Gossip!

We know it took us really long to get oppinions and announce a winner for our "KICK THE CANCER IN THE ASS" project! But it was so difficult as we got such a lot of great pics from you!
Today we made it and the winner is Max from Italy! Congratulations!!! Please Max, contact us again as we need your address to send you the mug, DVD and the sweatband you won! If you know Max, please let him know to contact us!

Today we investigated the winner of our September raffle! Congratulations to Bianca from Newark/USA!
As October is a special month for the fanily we also wanted to raffle something special! So check it out as you can win an original signed copy of Anastacia's cover album "It's A Man's World" this month!

4th October 2013
by Babs

Yesterday Anastacia talked about her double mastectomy on Lorraine, a UK show. She said she didn't expect it to get it a second time but her doctors already advised her the first time to decide for a masectomy if it should come back. It was a tough decision to make but in the end she choose to go the safest path. Watch the video below:

2nd October 2013
by Babs

Anastacia will do her first interview after telling the world that she had a double mastectomy tomorrow at 8:30am (UKtime) at the UK show Lorraine! She will be on for about 7 to 10 minutes there!
You can watch the show on the stream (thanks to Bianca for finding it!).

Anastacia sent a new tweet today: "Yes I released news abt my DMw/LD. Thank U all 4 yr kind words. Writing ths album has helped tremendously w/my recovery. Excited 2release IT"

Michelle Visage, a dear friend of Anastacia wrote about her on her website.
"Anastacia Is a Two-Time Survivor Bitch!
I am so proud of my friend Anastacia. Not only is she beyond talented, she is also a frickin' WARRIOR. I watched her undergo a double mastectomy and fight back like nobody's business. Honestly, she is made of steel. Anastacia beat breast cancer in 2003 the first time and when it came back in the other breast this year she was NOT gonna take it lying down. She kicked cancer every which way from Sunday and WON! That's my GIRL! LOVE YOU MAMA!! I have heard some of her new music and you all are gonna LIVE!! It's amaaaaazing!"

1st October 2013
by Babs

Just a few minutes ago the german TV magazine "Prominent" reported that Anastacia mentioned in an interview in the USA that she did the drastic step and had a double mastectomy after she got breast cancer for the second time. The reconstruction is right behind her and she is feeling fine! Here the video:


Also Anastacia Fans United found two articles about it, check UKnews and DailyMail!

26th September 2013
by Marli

Anastacia News
Anastacia has had merry birthday celebrations and shared two pictures on Twitter to prove that to her fanbase ;)

She also went to a check up appointment at her doctor's, we hope it went well. She also said she would continue working in the studio, we can't wait for the new album.

Sam, a member of Anastacia Fans United found a demo of a song which seems to be written for the album "Heavy Rotation" but didn't make it on it! The song is called "I Dare You to Love me" Listen to the sneak peek here.

17th September 2013
by Babs

2nd September 2013
by Babs

Video Tirol Heute
On August 31st the Austrian TVchannel ORF broadcasted a report about the 10th anniversary of the Breast Health Center Tyrol! They also showed a part of Anastacia's message and played "Sick And Tired" in the background!

August raffle
Congratulations to our member Janine from Weyhausen/Germany! And as every month the next raffle is online again! Check it out, you can win a very rare s.Oliver Cap this month!

1st September 2013
by Babs

Video for the Breast Health Center
On August 30th the Breast Health Center Innsbruck celebrated its 10th anniversary, and for this reason an event was organized at the Swarovski Crystal World in Wattens/Austria! For this special event Anastacia sent a video message to support the great work of the center!

25th August 2013
by Babs

Yesterday Anastacia was live on stage at "Die ultimative Chartshow - Die Sängerin des neuen Jahrtausends" which was a chartshow of the most successful female singer of the new millenium and she was number 14 and some also big names where behind here! Watch the video of a little interview and her perfomance of "Paid My Dues" below!


21st August 2013
by Babs

On Saturday, August 24th, the german TV channel RTL will broadcast "The Ultimate Chartshow - The Most Successful Female Singers Of The New Millennium"! Anastacia will perform on stage! It seems that they recorded another song at her appearance last year!

Watch the video of Anastacia live at the Chartshow with Left Outside Alone below! And stay tuned for the recording of the next appearance!

19th August 2013
by Babs

Anastacia sent a new video blog: "YO... So now l'm back in the studio l wanted to personally say THANK YOU. The love and support from you guys has really got me through ....!" We think we can speak for all when we say we loved what we did and tried to do our best to send positive engery to her!

Today Anastacia sent a few tweets. She had a party with some friends and band members from the Live At Last tour on saturday! Also the kids of the band members where part of and it seems they had a blast!

7th August 2013
by Babs


On Sunday, September 29th 2013, the PINK RIBBON WALK ZÜRICH will take place at the Stadium Letzigrund! We will be part of it so come on and join us if you want to be part of the Anastacia Fanclub Team!
Please contact us via email to and send us the group registration form you can find on their website and add your personal information in the bottom box! All information about the event can be found here!

6th August 2013
by Babs

Here it is! You remember we have done a video to support Anastacia in her fight against cancer! Fans had to take a photo in a kickboxing position to KICK THE CANCER IN THE ASS! Thanks for taking part, the winner will be announced soon! Thanks to Mariana for the edit!

5th August 2013
by Babs

Anastacia talked to us on twitter again and answered to a fan question that all the music she has worked on over the past couple of years is coming out in the beginning of 2014!
Also the belgian singer Natalia tweeted! She is a dear friend of Anastacia since their "Natalia meets Anastacia" shows. Natalia is visiting Anastacia in Los Angeles at the moment and it seems that the ladies have a lot of fun together!

July raffle
We have also investigated the winner of our July raffle today. Congratulations to Janine from Weyhausen/Germany. And as you are used to the next raffle is already online. This time you can win a poster from the Heavy Rotation Tour! Take part!

20th July 2013
by Babs

Anastacia sent a wonderful tweet today! Just check it below!

Anastacia Support Song
There are also some news about the "Anastacia Support Song" project! The cover was release last week and it looks really ingenious!

10th July 2013
by Babs

The spanish singer Mónica Naranjo tweeted to Anastacia "@Anastaciafanily You're a strong woman. You will win!!!!"
And also Anastacia sent another tweet "CANCER - I can choose to let it define me, confine me, outshine me, or move on and leave it......Behind Me."
Don't forget to follow her on twitter to send her strength and love!

Anastacia reached 300.000 likes on her facebook site! If you aren't yet go there and give her your *like*

June raffle
The winner of our June raffle is Bettina from Oelsnitz/Germany! We hope you will find a nice place for the Encore tour poster! And this month we have a very rare promo poster from the song "Boom" for you!

1st July 2013
by Marli

Anastacia tweeted a little hint about her new album, stating that she useses the word 'popcorn' in the first sentence of a new song on her upcoming record! We can't wait :-)

30th June 2013
by Babs

Anastacia tweeted yesterday and also sent photos together with her background singers DeeDee, La Shauna and Tracey! Seems they are working with her again! Don't forget to follow Anastacia on twitter and like her facebook page to stay up-to-date!

12th June 2013
by Babs

After you all guys wanted to have SURVIVOR CHICK SHIRTS through the last months we ran out of them and they haven't been online in our shop for the last weeks!
But now they are BACK IN STOCK!!! All sizes are available again and you can order them in our ONLINE STORE! Don't forget that members have a discount of € 5,- on every shirt! So get registered and enjoy the membership!


6th June 2013
by Babs

As we already reported we are talking part in some PINK RIBBON walk and running events this year! Some of our members are talking part at the PINK RIBBON WALK in Bratislava on June 15th!
The walk starts at the EUROVEA shopping mall at 3pm (program starts at about 1pm)!
If you also want to participate you will have to get your starter kit which you can get here for ladies and for gents! You can also check the map of the walk here!

If you are interested to support the cause and be part of the team there please let us know by sending a email!

4th June 2013
by Babs

After a few weeks of silence Anastacia updated us on her Twitter on May 25th: "I am working on having patience with being a patient. Thanks 4 all the well wishes". It was good to hear from her and know that she is well! We still send her lots of energy, love and strength for her fight!

May Raffle
The winner of our May raffle is Marzia from Cadelbosco/Italy! Congratulations! We hope you enjoy our win and have fun with the signed CD! And as you are used to the next raffle is already online, this month you can win a rare tour poster from the concert in Ischgl back in 2005! We have prices that will make it well worth it to be a member! So join the fanclub and support the Anastacia Fund!

1st May 2013
by Babs

Anastacia tweeted on 20th April that she will update us with the release date of her new album and the status of her treatment in the first week of May. On 27th April however she also said she would go a bit more quiet during the intense part of her treatment and that we should not be concerened. She also thanked her fans for the support and that we should stay tuned. We are thinking of her and send her all our positive energy to once more fight this disease. She's gonna win this battle!

April Raffle
The winner of our April raffle is Sarah from York/UK! Congratulations! And also in May we have prices that will make it well worth it to be a member! So join the fanclub and support the Anastacia Fund!

Tour Memories - Anastacia in Salzburg
After Babs posted a capture of the funny moment where Ana lost her mic, many of you asked for the video. We have now uploaded it to our Youtube account, check it out:

Anastacia Song Projekt
Throughout April many recordings have been taken place successfully. Just a few teams more and the sessions will be finished. The project can start into it's final phase and soon Anastacia will be able to listen to her support song. Follow the current status on Facebook.

7th April 2013
by Babs

March raffle
We are ready to announce another winner! Congratulations to Yvonne from Dortmund/Germany! You won the tour poster from the canceled show in Stuttgart! And as every month we have the next raffle online! Check it out as you can win a very rare poster from the 2006 Encore Tour this month!

We have already reported that the Official Anastacia Fanclub was able to donate € 3.000,- to the Anastacia Fund again! Because of that we got a letter from The Breast Cancer Research Foundation which is addressed to every single member and every supporter of the fanclub!

Anastacia Support Song
We also want to remind you again that the recordings for the "Anastacia Support Song" are starting! Contact the teamleader for your country if you want to be part of this wonderful project!

Here are the team leaders:
Project Leader - Nora Jeker - recording Switzerland - April 20th/21st
Italy - Sabrina Menabo - recording Milan - April 9th
Austria - Barbara Weber - recording Vienna - April 28th
North Germany - Daniela SC - recording Düsseldorf - April 28th
South Germany - Andrea Rummel - recording Nuremberg - April 28th
Australia - Talia Cosmic G
Netherlands - Sanne Lommen - recording Utrecht - April 21st
Slovakia - Tomáš Ondruška - recording Vienna - April 28th
France - Anais Tenfour - recording Paris - April 12th
Portugal - Mafalda Almeida - recording Lisbon - April 21st
USA - Mary Stark - recording Largo/FL - April 27th
Brazil - Deburah Bevilacqua - recording São Paulo - April 28th
Argentina - Luciana Rosso

Also the Official Anastacia Fanclub wants to do a little video project for Anastacia which we want to introduce to you now!
We will do a video with the title "KICK THE CANCER IN THE ASS"! We want YOU to send a photo of yourself in a kick box position like shown on the pic below! Send it to mentioning your name and the country you come from. We will add the flag and the rest to your picture and make a video out of all pictures you send to us! Please send you photos till April 30th!


31st March 2013
by Babs

25th March 2013
by Marli

For foreign fans there are three more team leaders for the USA, Portugal and Brazil!

Here are the team leaders:

Project Leader - Nora Jeker
Italy - Sabrina Menabo
Austria - Barbara Weber
UK - Callum Mc
North Germany - Daniela SC
South Germany - Andrea Rummel
Australia - Talia Cosmic G
Netherlands - Sanne Lommen
Slovakia - Tomáš Ondruška
France - Anais Tenfour
Portugal - Mafalda Almeida
USA - Mary Stark
Brazil - Deburah Bevilacqua

Your country is missing? Please contact us more teams - more fun! Please do not hestiate to ask any questions you might have! For all details and information also visit the facebook site of the project!

Please download your inscription form here and send it to no matter if you will be there in person or want to take part from abroad!

Thank you and hopefully see YOU in April!

!! "KICK THE CANCER IN THE ASS" !! - New Deadline
The new Deadline for your pictures is the end of April since there is a possibility to take pictures at the recording of the song project on the 20/21st April. So please send your Kick ASS pictures until the end of April!

Support by friends
Anastacia is supported by her friends Natalia, Sal B and PAtrice who are visiting and supporting her in LA right now! You can see pictures at Natalia's Twitter, Sal B's Twitter and Patrice's Facebook.

10th March 2013
by Babs

Also the Official Anastacia Fanclub wants to do a little video project for Anastacia which we want to introduce to you now!
We will do a video with the title "KICK THE CANCER IN THE ASS"! We want YOU to send a photo of yourself in a kick box position like shown on the pic below! Send it to mentioning your name and the country you come from. We will add the flag and the rest to your picture and make a video out of all pictures you send to us! Please send you photos till March 30th!


8th March 2013
by Babs

The Anastacia Fanclub Switzerland is pretty close to the Official Anastacia Fanclub and had a wonderful idea for a project for Anastacia! We want to introduce this here now and hope that a lot of you will take part!
Anastacia needs our support. The idea of the project is to give strength and power to Anastacia in the same way she has given us the same for many years: with music!!!
The idea of this project is to record a Song of the Fanily for Anastacia. It will be - of course - an Anastacia song, "You'll Never Be Alone" and "Underground Army"! The lyrics will be changed a little bit, something like "If you should ever call our names we'll be right there"...(ideas are always welcome)!
This whole thing will be trained and recorded (video and sound) during the weekend April 20th/21st. Besides the song, we think it would be nice if everyone could wear it's "Survivor Chick" Shirt during the recordings, you can get your SC-Shirt here in our shop!
Yes, it's a big project and you may think now "OMG this will cost a fortune!!" - No! We will help you to find a cheap way to get to the recording place and to find the cheapest way to stay there for 1-2 night(s). All the organisations and possible live bands, video crews etc. will support this project in order to support Anastacia in this challenging time.

The more participants, the bigger the chorus, the more Fanily together!!!

For fans abroad we have groups in different countries that come together and produce their own video for each countries and at least all will be edited in one video for Anastacia!

Here you have the teamleaders for each country:

Project Leader - Nora Jeker
Italy - Sabrina Menabo
Austria - Barbara Weber
UK - Callum Mc
North Germany - Daniela SC
South Germany - Andrea Rummel
Australia - Talia Cosmic G
Netherlands - Sanne Lommen
Slovakia - Tomáš Ondruška
France - Anais Tenfour

Your country is missing? Please contact us more teams - more fun! Please do not hestiate to ask any questions you might have! For all details and information also visit the facebook site of the project!

Please download your inscription form here and send it to no matter if you will be there in person or want to take part from abroad!

Thank you and hopefully see YOU in April!

5th March 2013
by Babs

February raffle
Today we can tell you who is the winner of our February raffle! Congratulations to Joao from Almada/Portugal and also thanks for being a member! This huge THANK YOU goes out to all of our members as you all are MAKING A DIFFERENCE with your membership! Every Euro we can earn goes to the Anastacia Fund so you all are supporting it with your membership!

1st March 2013
by Babs

Making A Difference
The Official Anastacia Fanclub is "Making A Difference" and starting a few new projects to support Anastacia in every way we can! The whole fanily all over the world can make it if we work together! So get up and just do it!!!

We are still selling Anastacia's original SURVIVOR CHICK SHIRTS in our online shop! All proceeds go to the Anastacia Fund!!!

We are sure you all heard about Pink Ribbon Events all over the world! We want to take part in as much as possible of them this year!
The kick-off to this project will be done by our portuguese posse on April 21st in Lisbon! We already have a team that will take part at the Pink Ribbon Run there! Thanks ladies and gents for this support! It would be great if some more of the FANILY would join the team for the good cause! If you want to, please get in contact with us per email!
All information and the registration for the Pink Ribbon Run in Lisbon can be found here!

We also created a list with more events all over Europe and are still working on that! Find the list here! And if there is an event like this in your country please let us know and we will try to get a team together!


28th February 2013
by Babs

Show your support also on Twitter and use this wallpaper!
Thanks to our Mariana!
(Click right and choose "save target as..."

28th February 2013
by Babs

Unfortunately really sad news arrived yesterday! Anastacia has to cancel all her performances and upcoming concerts because


Her management posted a statement on her facebook:

Anastacia Forced To Cancel European Tour

Anastacia has sadly been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time after having successfully survived her 2003 battle with the disease. Consequently she has been forced to cancel all performances, tours and any travel from now until further notice. Anastacia was excited about her forthcoming European tour which was due to start April 6th in London. "I feel so awful to be letting down all my amazing fans who were looking forward to 'It's A Man's World Tour'. It just breaks my heart to disappoint them" she said.

Anastacia will continue the writing and recording of her new album despite her diagnosis and hopes to schedule a new tour as soon as possible. Now more then ever, she is determined to live by her motto "Don't ever let cancer get the 'Best of You!'" A born survivor, Anastacia has one goal and that is to make a full recovery with the support of her family, friends and everyone around her.
Please respect her need for privacy during such a trying time.
All tickets for the tour can be refunded from the point of purchase.

Our thoughts are with her in this hard time and we are sending all our positive energy and strength towards her to fight this battle for the second time in her life!!!
We know you will kick ass this cancers as you are our

25th February 2013
by Babs

Anastacia in Dubai
As we reported Anastacia has also some corporate gigs this spring, we got to know now that the concert on March 30th in Dubai will be an after race concert at the Dubai World Cup 2013, a yearly horse race! Read more about the event!

23rd February 2013
by Babs

Next album
Anastacia told us on Twitter that she is starting to write her next album! And also yesterday good news arrived as Jayme Hartman, the frontman of "Ben's Brother" tweeted that he is writing together with Anastacia for the second day now and they are enjoying it! As most of you know Anastacia already worked with him, they sang the duett "Stalemate" together in 2009!

M&G for The Voice Belgium
Anastacia's dear friend the belgian singer Natalia actually is judge at "The Voice" in Belgium! She had a surprise for her contestants and went to "Night Of The Proms" with them where they met Anastacia and The Jacksons! Watch the video here!

All You Can Dream
The movie All You Can Dream premiered on Feburary 18th at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles/USA! Also fans in Italy are able to see the movie from March 5th on at TheSpaceCinema! You can also watch the Theatrical Trailer for the movie below as also a new backstage clip showing Anastacia on the set of the movie!

WDR2 Summer Festival
We already told you about the WDR2 Summer Festival where Anastacia will be raffled to a city for a concert! WDR2 host Stefan Vogt did an interview with Anastacia and teached her german! You can find the translation of the interview here and the language course below!

WDR2 also did a "Silent interview" with Anastacia which was really funny! We did a translation for you which you can see here below! In another video Anastacia presented an intermediate result which you can watch here!


Corporate gigs
Anastacia was also booked for some corporate gigs again. She will perform in Dubai on March 30th and in Monaco on April 14th 2013!

It's A Man's World Tour
We also want to give you some information about the It's A Man's World Tour as there is already a concert SOLD OUT and some are close to that! Find the links below and get your ticket for one of the best live artists!!!

6. April London, UK O2 Shepards Bush Empire Tickets
8. April Padova, IT Gran Teatro Geox Tickets
9. April Milan, IT Teatro degli Arcimboldi Tickets
11. April Stuttgart, GE Beethovensaal Tickets
12. April Paris, FR Olympia Tickets
16. April Amsterdam, NL Paradiso SOLD OUT
17. April Berlin, GE Tempodrom Tickets
19. April Zürich, CH Kongresshaus Tickets
20. April Vienna, A Stadthalle F Tickets
22. April Frankfurt, GE Alte Oper Tickets
23. April Munich, GE Philharmonie Tickets
25. April Hasselt, BE Congrestheatre Tickets
VIP-Experience, Meet & Greet Tickets Tickets

New Remix
A new remix from the Tony Moran collaboration "If I Was Your Boyfriend" appeard online last week! Check it out below!

Anastacia did an interview with on the phone! A translation of the interview can be found on our facebook!

1st February 2013
by Babs

January raffles
As you know we had two raffles running during January! Today we can announce the winners of both raffles!
The lucky winner of our monthly fanclub raffle is Ulla-Carin from Hasslo/Sweden! Congratulations we hope you have a nice place for the very rare "Make A Difference" poster!
And then we had the second raffle where everyone around the world could take part! You only had to like our facebook page or follow us on twitter! The winner of this special raffle is Barry O'Brien from Limerick/Ireland! Hope also you will have fun with your special package!

London VIP Upgrade
After the VIP tickets for the It's A Man's World show at O2 Shepards Bush Empire in London sold out pretty fast, EventTravel added some Upgrades from normal ticket to VIP! Also this Upgrades are SOLD OUT now!!!
If you don't have your ticket for this upcoming tour check the tour schedule here and book yours!

28th January 2013
by Babs

Anastacia in Nobilis Magazine
Anastacia was at the cover of the german Nobilis magazines December 2012 issue! Check out the cover and the interview!

Anastacia at Summer Festival
Anastacia is scheduled to perform at WDR2 - The Big Summer Open Air in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany. It will take place on 29th June and is a FREE concert! Not known at the moment where this Festival will take place, there will be a voting during February! There are 400 cities that apply and the 10 with the most votes per citizen will get in the finals which will start on March 4th with a city-challenge and a Major-Quiz! The city with the most scores will get the WDR2-Festival!

It's A Man's World Tour
Don't forget to get your tickets for Anastacia's 2013 It's A Man's World Tour! Find all dates and ticket links here!
Anastacia told on twitter that she will perform some old songs she's never done live before!

Raffle for everyone in the fanily!
Make sure to like our facebook page and follow us on twitter! During January we are doing a raffle for everyone that likes us on facebook or follows us on twitter! We also post some pics we found online on our social media!

6th January 2013
by Babs

Twitter Background
We created a new twitter background for you to promote the 2013 - It's A Man's World Tour! So download it here and use it on your twitter!

5th January 2013
by Babs

Anastacia at Vanghelion/Bucharest
Anastacia performed in Bucharest/Romania on New Year's Eve, the event was organised by the Mayor of Bucharest and broadcasted by the Romanian channel B1TV! Watch the broadcast below and some photos here!

Here you have the setlist of the show, click on the songs to see the videos!

• Why'd You Lie To Me
• Sick And Tired
• Pieces Of A Dream
Not That Kind
You'll Never Be Alone
Paid My Dues
One Day In Your Life
Left Outside Alone
I'm Outta Love

Night Of The Proms Backstage
Watch Anastacia slice a little cake backstage at Night Of The Proms!

"Quatsch Comedy Show"
As we know Anastacia was guest at "Die große Quatsch Comedy Show" which was recorded at November 21st in Füssen/Germany! The broadcast will be on January 10th 8:15 pm on germand TVchannel PRO7! You can watch in online here! Check some pics from the show on our facebook page!

"Die Ultimative Chartshow"
On December 28th Anastacia was guest at the german show "Die Ultimative Chartshow - Die Alben" where they investigated the most successful albums in Germany in the last 50 years! She was on position 46 with "Anastacia" and on 45 with "Freak Of Nature"! She also performed "Left Outside Alone" there and was interviewed by host Oliver Geissen! See 26 caps here and watch her performance and the interview below!

Exclusive unseen photos
Thanks to Eddy Vonk who sent us two wonderful unseen photos from Anastacia when she performed for Media Markt at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on November 11th 2012!

27th December 2012
by Babs

Munich gallery
And here you go, check our second gallery from "Night Of The Proms" in Munich on December 16th! Again a beautiful gallery to enjoy!!!

24th December 2012
by Babs

Merry Christmas to the Fanily all over the world!
Your AFC-Team!

We proudly announce the winner of our Xmas special! Congratulations to Jens from Vettweiß-Disternich/Germany! We hope you have fun with your prize which will be shipped soon to your place!

Munich gallery
As a little christmas present we uploaded 128 wonderful photos from Anastacia at "Night Of The Proms" in Munich on December 15th! Enjoy this beautiful gallery!!!

Night Of The Proms broadcast
Yesterday "Night Of The Proms" was broadcasted in the Netherlands and Ronald was so kind to send us the recording! Watch Anastacia's performance of "I'm Outta Love" and her duett of "I Belong To You" together with John Miles

24th December 2012
by Marli

All 2013 concert tickets are now on sale!

London, England - 6th April 2013:

Padua, Italy - 8th April 2013:

Milan, Italy - 9th April 2013:

Stuttgart, Germany - 11th April 2013:

Paris, France - 12th April 2013:

Amsterdam, Netherlands - 16th April 2013:

Berlin, Germany - 17th April 2013:

Zurich, Switzerland - 19th April 2013:

Frankfurt, Germany - 22nd April 2013:

Vienna, Austria - 20th April 2013:

Munich, Germany - 23rd April 2013:

Hasselt, Belgium - 25th April 2013:

VIP Tickets:

Full Night Of The Proms broadcast on Sat 1
The German TV channel Sat 1 will broadcast a full NOTP show on Dec 31st at 11.45 pm CET! All foreign fans will be able to watch the show via stream on!

Full Night Of The Proms broadcast on KRO
The dutch TVchannel KRO will broadcast "Night Of The Proms" on December 23rd from 3:55pm till 4:50pm CET

Belgian TVchannel Eén will do so at 10:35pm CET the same day!

Vote for Anastacia for a Music Daily Award
On this website you can vote for Anastacia to win a Music Daily Award!

Night Of The Proms Berlin
Watch all artists performing "Hey Jude" together on stage in Berlin and Anastacia congratulating NOTP-MC Markus Othmer for hosting his 100st show.

Night Of The Proms backstage
Anastacia posted some backstage videos of Night Of The Proms.

Anastacia at NOTP in Munich
Read this article about Anastacia at NOTP in Munich and find the translation here. Furthermore find absolutely stunning photos from both shows made by Dagi and Babs.

- 15. December 2012 - 16. December 2012

She also immortalized hereself in Munich at the Olympic Walk Of Stars, watch a video of it. An see photos here.

Anastacia at José Carreras Gala
While taking part in the José Carreras Gala Anastacia met a Leukemia fighter backstage at Night Of The Proms Frankfurt. Read all about it here and find the translation here.
Look at the beautiful red carpet photos here. And last but not least you can rewatch her performance.

2012-12-13 Anastacia @ Jose Carreras Gala, Leipzig, GE from Official Anastacia Fanclub on Vimeo.

Aida Interview
Watch a short interview with Anastacia from AIDA.

Night Of The Proms radio broadcast
BR Radio broadcasted a full set of NOTP, we uploaded Anastacia's part here.

7th December 2012
by Babs

Antwerp gallery
We added a gallery from the "Night Of The Proms" shows in Antwerp, you can see 312 great pictures there! Thanks to our Kim and Yvonne for sharing this pics!

Rabbit Magazine
Yesterday a beautiful new photoshoot appeared in russian magazine RABBIT together with a new interview! You can see the whole article and the photos by clicking on the photo! A translation can be found here!

It's A Man's World Tour
Another tour dates were announced on Tuesday, Anastacia is going to France and Belgium!

• April 12th 2013 - Paris/France - Olympia - Tickets
• April 14th 2013 - Hasselt/Belgium - Congrestheater - Tickets

Energy Zürich raffle
Radio NRJ Zürich is raffling tickets for the "It's A Man's World" concert on April 19th in Kongresshaus, Zürich/Switzerland! Take part in the raffle here!

La Repubblica XL
As we already told the fans in Italy could buy "It's A Man's World" together with La Repubblica and La Repubblica XL, which also released an article! Thanks for the scans to Sabry!

Night Of The Proms
• According to Anastacia's tweet there will be a "Night Of The Proms"-DVD!
• Lulu visited Anastacia at Night Of The Proms in Berlin, check a photo here!
Photos from the last shows can be found here:

martin-black | |

Backstage Night Of The Proms and concert footage

Anastacia & shoes
Here is a promotional video from Anastacia's favourite shoe designer in LA where you can see Anastacia talking about shoes from 1:22 on! Thanks Pedro Guerrero!

4th December 2012
by Babs

It's A Man's World Tour
Yesterday more concert date have been announced online! There are now 3 more countries Anastacia's will visit on her 2013 "It's A Man's World Tour"! Germany, Switzerland and Austria got shows!

• April 11th 2013 - Stuttgart/Germany - Beethovensaal - Tickets
• April 17th 2013 - Berlin/Germany - Tempodrom - Tickets
• April 19th 2013 - Zürich/Switzerland - Kongresshaus - Tickets
• April 20th 2013 - Vienna/Austria - Stadthalle F - Tickets
• April 22th 2013 - Frankfurt/Germany - Alte Oper - Tickets
• April 23rd 2013 - Munich/Germany - Philharmonie - Tickets


TV appearances
The german TVchannel PRO7 will broadcast the "Quatsch Comedy Show" which was recorded on November 21st 2012 in Füssen/Germany on January 3rd 2013!
Anastacia will also be at the "Die Ulitimative Charshow - 50 Jahre Charts - Die Alben" on December 28th 8:15pm on german TVchannel RTL!

There have been problems till now to get the physical album in Portugal! Thanks to João for the information that you can order it here!

The fanily in Italy can get "It's A Man's World" with the newspaper "La Repubblica" and "La Repubblica XL" since yesterday!

Photos and Videos
Photos from the last shows "Night Of The Proms" shows can be found here:

Der Westen | Westfälische Nachrichten

2nd December 2012
by Babs

Have a look what you can win this month in our raffle!

It's A Man's World Tour
This week the first tourdate for Anastacia's 2013 "It's A Man's World Tour" have been announced!

• April 8th 2013 - Padova/Italy - Gran Teatro Geox - Tickets
• April 9th 2013 - Milan/Italy - Teatro degli Arcimboldi - Tickets
• April 16th 2013 - Amsterdam/Netherlands - Paradiso - Tickets

You can find all tourdates always in our tour section including the links where you can get your tickets!

For all shows will be VIP TICKET EXPERIENCES which include:
• Front Row Ticket or GA Standing with Early Entry
• Exclusive Meet & Greet with Anastacia - before the show
• Photograph opportunity with Anastacia
• Autograph opportunity
• Exclusive VIP Collectible Laminate - special Anastacia design
• Packages strictly limited to only 30 guests per show
• On site Event Host(s)
• Personal itineraries sent in advance with Exclusive High Gloss VIP Pass Cards
PRICE FROM €250 / £225 per person including VAT/taxes BOOK HERE

Night Of The Proms broadcast
The "Night Of The Proms" has been recorded and belgian TVchannel Eén will broadcast the show on December 23rd and December 30th! Also dutch channel KRO will air it around christmas!

In Germany usually a CD was released from "Night Of The Proms"! Unfortunately not this year as the CD-project got to expensive and a download version is not possible due to copyright reasons!
But todays show will be recorded and the german radio stations WDR2 and BAYERN3 will broadcast it!

17.12. >>10:05pm - 0:00am<< Bayern 3 Nightlife with Jim Sampson
25.12. >>11:05pm - 0:00am<< WDR 2 Musikclub
26.12. >>11:05pm - 0:00am>> WDR 2 Musikclub

Photos and Videos
Anastacia is keeping you up to date on her facebook and her twitter and posting "On The Road" pics! Please like her pages and follow her!
More photos from the last shows can be found here: | | |


November raffle
Today we can proudly announce the winner of our

100th Official Anastacia Fanclub raffle!

Congratulations to Melanie from Rotkreuz/Switzerland! Hope you enjoy your prize!

27th November 2012
by Babs

Gallery Rotterdam
Thanks to our member Suus, Kim and to Ronald for sending us beautiful pics from the "Night Of The Proms" Shows in Rotterdam/Netherlands!

A new photo that shows Anastacia at her favourite optician in Los Angeles was found or maybe you want to see more articles about her check out her

Meet & Greet Rotterdam
After Anastacia announced it on her Twitter she had a Meet & Greet with fans in Rotterdam after the show, you find some photos already on our facebook, more will follow soon!

25th November 2012
by Marli

Anastacia on Joe Fm
Listen to Anastacia's interview on Joe FM here.

Spanish and Portuguese Fans
The album "It's A Man's World" is now physically released in your countries, go get it!

Watch Anastacia on Tv Total
Unfortunately there was no interview but you can watch her two performances on the links below:

Best Of You

Dream On

Anastacia on "Die große Quatsch Comedy Show"
Anastacia will perform at the show "Die große Quatsch Comedy Show" which will be broadcasted in January. It was recorded 21st Nov in Fuessen Germany. We'll keep you updated.

Anastacia backstage video
Anastacia shared a new backstage video of Night Of The Proms in which you can see her with her friend Sal.

Anastacia supports Movember - help her out!
"Hey Fanily, its Movember! Every November thousands of men, and some women ;) , around the world grow moustaches to help "Change the Face of Mens Health" and help find a cure for prostate cancer. This year I am getting involved. As my fanily, I ask for your donations for a wonderful cause. No amount is to small. Click the link below to donate! I also encourage you to grow your own 'stache and get involved in the Mo'vement!" Donate HERE!

Anastacia tournews
Anastacia tweeted "Management just finalizing for next years #IAMWtour. It will be small, very unplugged & vip M&Gs, keep your eyes & ears open, I will give you a heads up" .

Anastacia wishes a Happy Thanksgiving

Anastacia before interviews

Watch a Night Of The Proms video of Anastacia joking around before interviews.

Anastacia talks to RTL Belgium

18th November 2012
by Marli

Anastacia private gig Media Markt NL
Here are some photos of Anasacia's private gig in Amsterdam für Media Markt Netherlands employees. Thanks to fansontour.
There is also some videos on youtube, check one out below:

Watch Anastacia on Sat 1 Frühstücksfernsehen
ere you can see screencaps from her appearance. And thanks to Sarah from Anastacia Elegance who uploaded the whole interview part, start with watching part 1 below:

Anastacia backstage Antwerp
Anastacia shared a little backstage video from NOTP in Antwerp.

Anastacia on TV Total
Next Monday (19th Nov 2012) Anastacia will be on Tv Total to chat with host Stefan Raab and perform "Dream on" as well as "Best Of You". Tune in to Pro 7 at 11.30 pm. For every foreign fan, you'll be able to watch it at just choose Pro 7 on the list on the right.

Anastacia on RTL TVI Belgium
Check out Anastacia on Belgium RTV TVI for an interview below. Here is a photo of Anastacia with the interviewer Charlotte Baut.

Anastacia on Radio Bremen
Anastacia gave an interview to Radio Bremen, listen to the original here and read the translation.

Anastacia on Brisant
Anastacia was featured in the German show Brisant, check it out:

Anastacia on Joe FM
Anastacia will be on the Belgium radio station Joe FM between 6 and 9 am tomorrow! Listen to the livestream on the website.

Anastacia in Dutch mag Beau Monde
Check out the scans of the magazine here. And the translation here. Thanks to Hellen Hendrix and MJ.

Anastacia Interview with
There is a new Dutch interview with the website and an unseen new photo. Click here.

9th November 2012
by Babs

Download "It's A Man's World"

iTunes >>>Download
Amazon >>>Download

Chart positions
"It's A Man's World" is doing pretty good at the albums charts, you can have a look on the positions here!

Fan art
We have updated our fanart as Ulla-Carin has sent us some really wonderful paintings! Thanks for that!

8th November 2012
by Babs

Download "It's A Man's World"

iTunes >>>Download
Amazon >>>Download

We already have the booklet of "It's A Man's World"!!! Check and like our facebook to see it!!!

Tonight the Night Of The Proms is continued in Antwerps Sportspalais and some of our members are in the front row there! Our Nati was so kind to send us the first two pics which you can find on our facebook
The Setlist so far is:

• Left Outside Alone
• Best Of You
• I'm Outta Love
• I Belong To You

Spanish release
According to BMG Spain the spanish fanily will get a physical release on November 19th!

During the last days a lot of articles and interviews have been posted! We have a summary of the most important ones here:

Video>> - Two strong voices for Obama
Video>> - Night Of The Proms Press Conference
Article>> Frankfurter Rundschau - Anastacia knows how guys work
Article>> BN - My career is my child
Article>> - Anastacia rocks with male cover songs
Article>> - Anastacia is mixed up with her own double

Time travel
We are doing a TIME TRAVEL with Anastacia right now! Every day we post old videos on facebook and twitter! So like us or follow us and join the ride!!!

RTL Germany
Attention German fans, the tv channel RTL runs a commercial spot for "It's A Man's World"! Keep you ears and eyes open!

Official Store
Sad news for those who ordered the album from Anastacia's official store: They haven't received the CDs from the record label yet, they will take the money from your bank account when the CDs are dispatched.

6th November 2012
by Marli

Twitter Trend - Fanily Unite!
This Friday
will be the release of Anastacia's new album "It's A Man's World". To celebrate it we would like to reach a worldwide twitter trend with the following hashtag AnastaciaItsAMansWorld. Please everybody use and post this hashtag this friday 9th November at the following times:

UK, Portugal, N. Ireland: 8pm
CET time: 9pm (countries using CET:
EET time: 10pm (countries using EET:

New Interview: Anastacia on Obama
Anastacia spoke about her thoughts on the election and about supporting Obama. Check it out here.

November Raffle - An anniversary
Our November will be very dear to our heart this year because we celebrate an anniversary. It is our 100st fanclub raffle. Amongst great and sometimes rare merchandise we also gave away Meet&Greets with the lady herself and gave fans the chance to meet her for the first time and make dreams come true. We love to make people happy, so we will continue and give our best. This time you can win:

PRE-ORDER "It's A Man's World"
As most of you already know, you can pre-order "It's A Man's World" in different online stores, we made a list below!

Amazon Germany | Itunes
Amazon Austria | Itunes
Bol Italy | Itunes
CD Go Portugal | Itunes
Amazon France | Itunes
Freerecordshop Netherlands | Itunes
Freerecordshop Belgium | Itunes
exlibris Swiss | Itunes
CDON Denmark | Itunes

3rd November 2012
by Babs

Anastacia did a 1-hour LIVE chat yesterday on Ustream at her "Best Of You" Listening Party! You can watch the recording of the stream below and members can download it in our download area! We also made 72 caps out of the video which you can find here!

Video streaming by Ustream 


October Raffle
As you know our October raffle was open for all and we investigated the winner today!


As much as we could find out our winner is from Bangladesh!

New items
There are new items in Anastacia's online shop! You can find new T-shirts for women and men as also a bag!

2nd November 2012
by Babs

Download "Best Of You"

iTunes >>>Download
Amazon >>>Download

And don't forget the Ustream Release Party today at 8pm CET!

1st November 2012
by Babs

Ustream Release Party
Tomorrow is THE DAY!!! BEST OF YOU will be released, you can download it on iTunes!!! And Anastacia will celebrate this with a Ustream Release Party tomorrow at 8pm CET (7pm GMT)! We hope you will be part of it and check this UstreamSite!

FANILY GUYS out there we have a special for YOU now!!! The Survivor Chick shirt has its male pentane now and it is exlusivly available in our shop!!! Don't forget that breast cancer can also affect YOU how the case of Peter Criss (Ex drummer from Kiss) showed us in 2007!!!

Make the difference!!!

The SURVIVOR DUDE shirt is here!!!

Time Travel
We started a TIME TRAVEL on our facebook and twitter, every day we post old Anastacia videos (appearances, interviews,...)! So if you wanna go on this trip with us, join us by liking us on facebook or following us on twitter!

This week two really good interviews appeard online! The first one you can find on and the second one on, where our Marli did a wonderful translation from!

Electronic Press Kit
An electronic press kit is avaiablel about "It's A Man's world" you can watch it here, thanks to Regina Reis for uploading it!

Anastacia invites you

Video Blogs
During the last days Anastacia posted a few video blogs showing her in the recording studio and at the video shoot for "Best Of You"! Go ahead and check her YouTubeChannel to watch all this specials!

Fanily the BIGGEST and BEST forum around Anastacia is back online! Go and register on AnastaciaFansUnited!!! Thanks to Nikki for keeping the site up over all this years!!!

28th October 2012
by Babs

Video Caps
After Anastacia's wonderful and amazing "Best Of You" video premiered 2 days ago we also made some wonderful screen caps of the video, you can find here! Congratulations to the team that worked on this video:

Director: Marcus Steinberg
DOP: Jose Luis Bernal
Editor: Patrick Wilfert
Production Company: Free The Dragon
Client: BMG Rights Management GmbH

New Video blog
Today Anastacia posted a new video blog about the recording of "Best Of You" in the studio!

Yesterday iLikeTV broadcasted an interview from 2006, unfortunately the first minutes are missing!

During the last days the "Best Of You" video the premiered on a few websites like and also!
A funny article was posted on, as we know Anastacia had to diddle with her age till her 40th birthday! But in this summary you can see that the press was much more confused with her age than someone else!

26th October 2012
by Babs

Video premiere today
Today we will see the music video of "Best Of You" for the first time! It will premiere in Italy on at 12:00 (CET). A stream is offered on the site but seems to work only for Italians!

Video "Best Of You"

Find 62 screen caps out of the video on our facebook!!!

"Best Of You"
Today Perez Hilton posted Anastacia's lyric video of "Best Of You" on his website! He is telling about the song: "Wow, is this good, or what?!?! American singer-songwriter Anastacia has released this homage to the Foo Fighters' Best Of You and it definitely lives up to the song title! You are not going to want to miss this, or you will surely be kicking yourself forever and ever! Seriously. So ch-ch-check it out by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!"


22nd October 2012
by Babs

Anastacia did an interview which was posted on a few websites, you can find it also on in german! We did also a translation for you which you can find here!

New photos
You can find some new photos on Anastacia's facebook site! Head over there, like her page and see how stunning she looked at the video shoot for her upcoming single "Best Of You"!

19th October 2012
by Babs

Anastacia posted 3 wonderful videos on her YouTubeChannel, no words around that needed, just watch it!

16th October 2012
by Babs

Fanily out there, vote and bring Anastacia on air!!! The voting lasts till tomorrow 12:00pm german time!!!


Single release
According to iTunes the release of the single "Dream On" is expected to be on October 26th! The album is now also available for pre-order on iTunes, and the tracklist there is mentioning the bonus trackwhich will be "Black Hole Sun" originally by Soundgarden! iTunes also offers longer previews of the songs!

15th October 2012
by Babs

Album release
After there are many rumors around about the album release we are able to post official information from BMG about the release!
Anastacia's new album "It's A Man's World" will be physically released in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Benelux! This means you can buy it in stores there!
The album will also be available on iTunes in the rest of the world except Asia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Afrika and UK!

15th October 2012
by Marli

Song Request
We want the world to get to hear "Best Of You" and today all the german and austrian radio stations will get BOY as mp3. Help to push the song on the radio charts and request the song. Here you will find all the request links to the most important German radio stations.

Night Of The Proms TV Spots
According to the German fb page of Night Of The Proms tonight the German NOTP TV spots will air for the first time:

- 5.29 pm Pro7
- 6.45 pm Kabel 1
- 10.37 pm SAT1

13th October 2012
by Babs

Today we can present you the official previews of Anastacia's upcoming album "It's A Man's World"!!! THANKS to our Tommy!!!


Anastacia doing the crazy dance!

PRE-ORDER "It's A Man's World"
As most of you already know, you can pre-order "It's A Man's World" in different online stores, we made a list below!

Amazon Germany
Amazon Austria
Bol Italy
CD Go Portugal
Amazon France
Freerecordshop Netherlands
Freerecordshop Belgium
exlibris Swiss
CDON Denmark

12th October 2012
by Babs

Airport Barcelona
Our member Francisco was lucky enough to meet Anastacia at the airport in Barcelone today!

Best Of You Video
The will be a video of "Best Of You" and it will be shoot on Sunday in Barcelona!

Find an interview and some photos of Anastacia during her visit at radio SWR. Here is also a translation of the interview:

On your new album "It's A Man's World" you cover famous rock songs that were all sung by men. Why did you only cover male songs?
Anastacia: "I actually never did completely normal things. I'm slightly different than other people. But I feel normal doing it. When I chose songs of men it felt normal for me and people asked me: "Really? It is normal for you to sing Led Zeppelin?" I just tried to keep the songs traditional – the way they were – because they are wonderful songs."

Another exciting project you participate in is this years Night Of The Proms. How did this collaboration come together?
Anastacia: "Five years ago they already asked me but i was busy then. Two years ago I was seeing it as a guest because I happened to be around. I loved all the drama – and with drama I mean the positive energy, that the show had from the very beginning til the end. You are surrounded by pure talent and this huge orchestra is playing the songs of each artist. When I saw this it seemed appealing to me to be part of it – and fortunately they asked me again. It's gonna be an awesome show!"

You have been very successful with your music in Germany. What do you like most about Germany?
Anastacia: "Oh god, there's so many things in Germany that i fell in love with. I don't only have german fans I also had a german boyfriend that I'm still good friends with. Since the beginning of my career I always felt very welcome and the people believe in me as a singer. It feels like a fairy tale but I know it's reality. It's always a pleasure coming back."

Best Of You Studio Version
The upcoming single "Best Of You" was on air on different radio stations today and where lucky enough to record one, you can listen to it here!

Anastacia @ Radio Vest
Another interview was at radio vest today, it really funny as they gave Anastacia 5 things to comment on, watch it here!

Anastacia @HR3
Anastacia was at Radio HR3 on October 9th, which is her sisters birthday, they prepared a little surprise for Shawn and a dragqueen appeared there! The host on HR3 tried to teach her yodeling again! Check out the videos and listen to the full radio interview here!



9th October 2012
by Marli

Special October raffle!!!
This month we have a special surprise for every single member of THE FANILY out there! We have a raffle where everyone can take part! The only thing you have to do is to give your *like* to AnastaciaOnline on facebook or follow on Twitter!!! Tell and invite your friends and spread the world! You can really win a special package!!!

September winner
The winner of our September raffle is Karen from Santa Rosa/USA! Congratulations!!!

Anastacia on HR3 tomorrow!
Anastacia's interview with HR3 will air tomorrow between noon and 3 pm. You can listen to the webstream here. The radio station already uploaded a video that you can watch here.

Best Of You on NDR2 tomorrow!
Our member Christine requested the song at the station and they will play it tomorrow from 6 pm on during NDR2 HitMix. Listen to the livestream here.

Anastacia on Radio Oberhausen
Anastacia had a busy schedule today being a guest at several radio stations. She was also on Radio Oberhausen. Listen to the interview here.

Anastacia on ZDF Leute Heute
Anastacia gave ZDF Leute Heute an interview during a cocktail mixing course. It is very funny, enjoy watching it:

Pre-Order "It's A Man's World"
A official Anastacia store is selling signed copies of "It's A Man's World" and you can also order a A4 poster on here. As you can recognized they also change the font on the cover layout to the official one.

Album Photoshoot + Setlist
Find all pictures of the album photoshoot on Anastacia Online. We also learned about the final and full setlist of "It's A Man's World".

Interview with Mick Hucknell
Aida Night Of The Proms uploaded a new short clip of Anastacia messing around with Mick Hucknell.

Visit at Rough Trade
While Anastacia was in Germany she visited the company Rough Trade who will be distributing her new album 'It's A Man's World'. Read about it here and see a photo below.

5th October 2012
by Babs

Meeting at SBS6
Some fans were lucky enough to meet Anastacia at the studio and Sanne sent in some photos, thanks for that!

4th October 2012
by Marli

Dream On will be a single!
Anastacia said on SBS6 Shownieuws that she will release Dream On as another single of her new album. Rewatch the show here.

Anastacia in Hamburg
Anastacia was in Hamburg today for a press conference of NOTP. There are several pictures you can see here. (Thanks Callum)
There are also two interviews you can watch below:

Interview 1 / Interview 2

Translation Interview 1:
(it seems to be edited, in the description of the video they mention they asked her about her love life but we can't see it...) 

I can feel you was one of her last hits in 2008, since then it got quiet around Anastacia. But if you expected an early retirement of the 44 year old you gonna be taught better than that.

A: Some people call it a come back I call it a come through, you know, cuz I've been through a lot and now it's time to come into the music again.

We met the blonde this afternoon two hours later than planned for an interview in Hamburg. Anastacia is fed up with speculations about her time off and is all chilled - for now.

A: I'm not worried about anything, whatever, I'm here and you definitely gonna here of me again.. in the radio. 

Two new albums are supposed to get her back to the top of the european charts. After a 4 years break and in total 15 years of experience in the music business one could expect her to be in a good mood and utterly chilled in the interview - but she wasn't. 

I: Did you change as a singer or person in the past 4 years because you are doing something new now?
A: No because this is a... No ... No do you really wanna? .. Laure.. thank you.. thank you.. I'm done here.. thank you.

Her voice is as strong and powerful as ever just her mood has potential to get higher.

Anastacia on Lorraine - full video
A big thank you to Sarah (Anastacia Elegance) for uploading the whole appearance:

New Videos
Anastacia shared two new videos on Facebook, check them out below:

3rd October 2012
by Babs

Stockholm gallery
Click below and check out our gallery from the first "Night Of The Proms" Show in Stockholm!

Single News
A few fans met Anastacia yesterday after her appearance at SBS6 and she told some news about the upcoming single "Best Of You". The single will be released a week before the album, so November 2nd!
Today she will go to Hamburg and meet up with Mick Hucknall and maybe talk about a duett! She really liked to be back in Amsterdam and doing promo special for her new album but also for "Night Of The Proms"! Thanks for the news to Sanne! Exclusive photos from yesterday will follow!

2nd October 2012
by Marli

Album Cover
A huge shoutout and thank you to Anastacia Portugal for finding and sharing Anastacia's new album cover of "It's A Man's World" on this website.
We think it looks absolutely stunning!

PRE-ORDER "It's A Man's World"

We discovered that you can pre-order Anastacia's new album in some online stores already. If you can't find your country below, please check local online stores for pre-orders and let us know so we can add it to the list.

Amazon Germany
Amazon Austria
Bol Italy
CD Go Portugal
Amazon France
Freerecordshop Netherlands
Freerecordshop Belgium
exlibris Swiss
CDON Denmark

Anastacia on TV4
You can watch another interview with Anastacia on TV4 online here:


Anastacia on ITV1
Anastacia was on UK TV yesterday. She was a guest on the Show 'Lorraine'. You can rewatch the show here, unfortunately it's limited to the UK.

Anastacia on SBS6 Shownieuws
According to Anastacia News Anastacia will be on SBS6 Shownieuws today. Tune in 7.20 pm on SBS6!


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