Here you get the original SURVIVOR CHICK SHIRT!


26th September 2014
by Babs

Sorry that it took so long, but now we also have Rising Star #7 - The Finals for you to download! And again here you go with a summary of "Anastacia's Moments" on all shows!

Rising Star - Anastacia testing the wall, August 25th
Rising Star - Show #1, August 28th
Rising Star - Show #2, August 30th
Rising Star - Show #3, September 4th
Rising Star - Show #4, September 6th
Rising Star - Show #5, September 11th
Rising Star - Show #6, September 13th
Rising Star - Show #7 - The Final, September 18th

24th September 2014
by Babs

On Sunday September 21st Anastacia performed at the Arena Di Verona at Intimissimi Operapop On Ice as opening act "Lifeline" and "I'm Outta Love"! It was beautiful again to be part of this event and see that scenery! Check out our gallery by clicking the pic below! There was also a red carpet and our Callum could find some photos of Anastacia taken there see them here and here and like his facebook!

We also took a video of Anastacia's performance again, you can watch it below! A short instavideo from the soundcheck could also be found here!

Since today the new single for Italy "Lifeline" is ready for the italian fanily for download! You can get the single on iTunes!

Sarah from Anastacia-Elegance found some photos showing Anastacia at the set of the "Staring At The Sun" video shoot! Just like her page on facebook and check out this wonderful photos!

Resurrection will be released in Australia on October 10th, the album can already be preordered on iTunes!

18th September 2014
by Babs

Last night the official music video for Anastacia's single "Staring At The Sun" was uploaded to her VEVO!

Here you go with the download of "Anastacia's Moments" on Rising Star #6!

17th September 2014
by Babs

16th September 2014
by Marli

Also the 5th episodes of Rising Star is ready for you. For "Anastacia's Moments" click on Rising Star #5 to downlod the clip! Enjoy! Furthermore there are Photos of Show #5 and Photos of Show #6 on Facebook. And we have another clip prepared for you of Anastacia and the other judges walking on stage in episode 6.

And there are some news about the show's finale. Unfortunately, the ratings aren't as good as expected, therefore the show runners decided to let the show end with the 7th episode. The final show is on 18th September at 8.15 pm on RTL.

As you know Anastacia's birthday is coming up on the 17th and she would like to reach 68.000 Twitter followers til then. So how about you guys tweet reasons why people should follow Anastacia using the hashtag #AnastaciaTo68k.

According to Anastacia FC Spain the Madrid show on 25th October is sold out! Right now there are also no tickets available for the shows in Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany as well as for Amsterdam!

Anastacia is going to perform at Operapop On Ice on 21st September in Italy. You can get more information on their Website.

Anastacia will also perform at the Presseball Augsburg on 8th November. you can buy tickets on their Website.

Anastacia will appear on ITVs Loose Women on 6th October. The show will run 12.30 pm UK time. Thanks to UK Fanclub for the info.

Italian fans can preorder Lifeline via iTunes now. The release date for the single is 24th September.

BBC RADIO 2 "The Tracks Of My Years"
As you maybe remember, Anastacia was at BBC Radio 2 last week choosing "The Tracks Of My Years". Through the whole week everyday 2 songs chosen by Anastacia were played and she talked about the songs. In the end she also talked about her own album #Resurrection! Check out the summary of the whole week below!

8th September 2014
by Babs

We updated our gallery and added the latest pics our members sent directly from the Rising Star studio in Cologe during the last shows. So just head to the gallery to check them out!

Anastacia was guest at dutch Sky Radio and choose the first song of their "We like the 00's Top 500"! Watch the video below!

7th September 2014
by Babs

We have the latest two episodes of Rising Star for you. Just click for "Anastacia's Moments" on Rising Star #3 and on Rising Star #4 to download! Enjoy! We also uploaded a short clip showing Anastacia entering the stage together with the other judges!

A lot of you were asking when the "Staring At The Sun" video will be released. Anastacia tweeted now about it, mentioning that it will come very soon! So please be patient, it is close! She also mentioned that the video for the italan single "Lifeline" will be recorded at the beginning of October!

Anastacia was a guest at iTV Weekend and was interviewed by Aled Jones. She also performed "Staring At The Sun" and "Left Outside Alone" there. Find a recording of the show on our facebook!

3rd September 2014
by Babs

After we had the pleasure to get some photos from Manchester Pride from Michelle Owen-Williams Photography we added a small gallery out of them and say again thanks that we can use them!

Congratulations to the winner of our August raffle Gaetano from Tramonti/Italy! We hope you will enjoy the signed CD! And as you all are used to we already posted the next raffle for September where you can win a really rare tour poster from the concert in Ischgl/Austria back in 2006!

Anastacia was guest at VH1's Fierce & Fabulous and Anastacia FC UK redorded the show and put online the videos where Anastacia was asking the questions her fanily sent. We got to know one song we will find on the setlist of her Resurrection tour as she mentioned that she will sing "Back In Black" as that song is so her! Also there was a more than just funny story about her meeting Cher! Just check out this hilarious videos!

Anastacia did a behind the scenes interview on Rising Star which you can find on the shows website. The interview was also shown in the german TV magazine Exclusiv Weekend!

Since September 1st Anastacia's new single "Staring At The Sun" is available for download in most European countries! Just head over to iTunes and grab it! There is no date set for the video release so far, news to come hopefully soon!
Now it is on us FANILY to get this song on air!!! Just call or write to your favourite radio station and place your song wish there and bring "Staring At The Sun" on air by using our radio request list!

As most of you know Italy got a different second single with "Lifeline" the song is already on italian radios playlists so get it on air and place your wishes to your favourite radio by using our radio request list italian fanily!

Anastacia headed back to London yesterday to pre-tape Aled Jones Weekend for iTV which will be broadcasted on Sunday, September 7th at 8:30am UK time! Furthermore she has meeting and doing tour stuff already to be prepared for October!

Resurrection, Anastacia's actual album, made it on #9 at RegardsShopline, which is one of the biggest music online shops in Brazil in August! Congratulations on that!

Anastacia's official website is regulary updated with a lot of stuff, you can find some great screen caps of the Rising Star shows. Just check it out!

31st August 2014
by Babs

And again it was wonderful yesterday to see Anastacia as judge at the german talent show Rising Star. Anastacia had such an emotional moment and had tears in her eyes when listened to Jessica performing "Symphony", read more about that! Again we recorded the show and put "Anastacia's moments #2" together for you all! Just click here to download the video!
There are also some photos online of the show which you can find AnastaciaDreams facebook and some screen caps on our facebook too!

Anastacia together with Gentleman, learning more german maybe???

And showing us the photo-techy-stacia now!


30th August 2014
by Marli

BMG Italy confirmed that Anastacia's second single for Italy will be the song "Lifeline". Italian radio stations will start playing it from 5th September.

MO-W Photography shared a whole album of pictures from the event. Furthermore there are videos of Left Outside Alone and I'm Outta Love (Thanks Craig Miles).

Anastacias official new single "Starring At The Sun" is now available for purchase in most countries or ready for preorder. If you don't already bought the song, go check your iTunes Stores now.

We hope that most of you followed the first show on 28th August on RTL. You will find a couple of Screencaps from the show on our Facebook page, furthermore AnastaciaDreams, Zimbio and AnastaciaWorld shared some professional pictures from the show. In case you missed it on TV you can now watch the first episode online on RTL NOW. Members of the fanclub will find all Anastacia moments summarized for download in the download section. And after all other uploads just caused problem we decided to upload a verion for ALL THE FANILY also, so just click here to download a 17-minute-special of Anastacia's moments on Rising Star #1!

Today there will be an interview with Anastacia broadcasted on Spanish TV between 1 and 7 pm. Sol Musica is going to upload the interview afterwards to their Youtube Channel.

The British magazine Gay Times published an interview with Anastacia.

27th August 2014
by Babs

As some of our members were lucky enough to be part of the Rising Star Preview on Monday, we were able to uploaded a small gallery for you today. Thanks to our Lisa and Nina for sending us some pics!

26th August 2014
by Babs

News for our members, just head to the download area and find a HQ download of Anastacia's full appearance at the Rising Star test where she performed "Staring At The Sun" for the first time on TV!

25th August 2014
by Babs

Don't forget to watch Anastacia's single premiere of "Staring At The Sun" tonight at german TVmagazine EXTRA on RTL at 10:15pm. Anastacia will do the final test of the app and wall for Rising Star tonight! All of you who don't get the TVchannel can watch the show online on SchoenerFernsehen!

Unfortunately it took a while but now we uploaded our gallery of the RS2 Sommerfestival at Kindlbühne/Wuhlheide in Berlin on August 16th! We think it was worth the wait as we could make some wonderful pics!

Check out this video blog Anastacia sent after breaking her tooth brush!

Most of you have already seen it, Anastacia also was nominated for the ALSicebucketchallenge and did a wonderful job!

20th August 2014
by Babs

As promised we uploaded the FULL SHOW VIDEO of Anastacia performing at the RS2 Sommerfestival in Berlin/Germany! Members can find the download in our download area for the rest of the fanily we uploaded it on YouTube in 4 parts!

<Part 1> <Part 2> <Part 3> <Part4>

Monday 25th August Anastacia's gonna perform Staring At The Sun for the very first time on TV in the RTL Show Extraat 10.15 pm. This performance will be the final rehearsal for the new talent show Rising Star! Anastacia will sing and the audience can vote through the Rising Star App and lift the wall she will stand behind with their votes! So get the app and VOTE for Anastacia. RTL shows you in a little interview how Anastacia is eagerly practicing

Anastacia is in the UK right now, preparing for her gig at Manchester Pride on Friday. Tomorrow she'll appear in the BBC BREAKFAST NEWS Programm between 8.30 and 9 am on BBC Radio 1. You can tune in via Livestream.

18th August 2014
by Marli

Anastacia at RS2 Summer Festival
Anastacia performed at the Kindl-Bühne at Berliner Wuhlheide last Saturday. Here and here are some pictures of the show, a video from us will follow soon.


• Paid My Dues
• Stupid Little Things
• Left Outside Alone
• Staring At The Sun
• You Will Never Be Alone
• Best Of You
• Welcome To My Truth
• One Day In Your Life
• I'm Outta Love

Rising Star Tickets
You can now buy Tickets online to see Anastacia live in the studios for Rising Star. There's also a raffle where you can win Tickets for the first show that's gonna take place in Cologne on 28th August..

Anastacia at BBC Radio 2
Anastacia was with Chris Evan from BBC Radio 2 last week and sang 4 of her songs. You can listen to the show online fr 4 more days here. There are also some pictures from Anastacia at the studios.

12th August 2014
by Marli

ITV Studios
When Anastacia went to the ITV Studios to shoot "Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel" a few fans managed to record her arrival and departure. Here you can read an article about her appearance.

Anastacia is going to perform on 22nd August 2014 at the Big Weekend for Manchester Pride. Find all further information on the Website and you can order Tickets online. Here you can vote who you are most looking forward to see performing. Find the full line up here. On top of that Anastacia prepared a little video message for you.

Don't forget to download the Rising Star App in the iTunes App store or in the Google Playstore. Anastacia recommends the show to you in a video Message ;)


Anastacia performed at Europa Park Rust on 9th August and sprocked her fans. Find the best pictures from Radio Regenbogen, a few more here and see Anastacia and her team enjoy one of the rides here. Baden TV caught her for a little Backstage Interview.

• Paid My Dues
• Stupid Little Things
• Left Outside Alone
• Staring At The Sun
• Best Of You
• You'll Never Be Alone
• Lifeline
• Welcome To My Truth
• Pieces Of A Dream
• One Day In Your Life
• I'm Outta Love

Many thanks to Dagi and Babs who managed to bring home the FULL SHOW IN HD! For all members just go to the download area and check for the new concert video.

All others have fun watching it on our YouTubeChannel:

<Part 1> <Part 2> <Part 3> <Part 4> <Part 5>

5th August 2014
by Babs

Anastacia was at "Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel" on UK itv today! Just check and like our facebook page for the video of Anastacia's appearance there! Also some photos can be found on

As promoter of "Music @ Part" on Saturday August 9th in the Europapark in Rust/Germany, Radio Regenbogen is looking for the biggest Anastacia fan! And they have a little surprise then! Just check this site for more, and you should be at home on August 6th between 6:00am and 9:00am!

Anastacia's second single out of her album "Resurrection" called "Staring At The Sun" is available to preorder in the UK now!!! CLICK HERE TO DO SO!

This week Anastacia officially announced being a judge on the upcoming german talent show "Rising Star"! She will also perform at the first show which will be broadcasted on August 28th at 8:15pm on german channel RTL which can be watched online here!


Anastacia was live on stage at G-A-Y in London on August 2nd! She did a great performance there. You can find some photos here and also here! For Videos check the setlist below!
Stupid Little Things
• One Day in your Life (acapella)
Staring at the sun (remix)
• I'm Outta Love (remix)
Left Outside Alone (remix)

Anastacia was also live on BBC radio 2 on August 2nd for an interview and for another outstanding acoustic performance of her upcoming single "Staring At The Sun" aswell as her song "Paid My Dues"! Fanily check out this wonderful live performance:

Time ago Anastacia did "The Interview Without Words" which included such a crazy, funny photoshoot! So we could get the magazine and have the scan now for you all translated in english! Just click on the picture for the full interview!

July raffle winner
Congratulations to our winner Raquel from Abejera/Spain! Hope you will enjoy this very rare poster you won!
And to all members, don't give up and do your monthly click in our raffles! Something new every month so also this month you can win again. In August you can win an original signed copy of Anastacia's last single "Stupid Little Things" and more! Just check our raffle for all details!

30th July 2014
by Babs

Video download
And here we go with the next special for our members, find another new video download in the download section in our members area! Have fun!

We made it today and uploaded a gallery with 65 photos from Anastacia on stage at her WDR2 radio concert in Cologne/Germany!

29th July 2014
by Babs

Video download
Due to our holidays it took a little longer, but our members can find a new video download in the download section in our members area! Enjoy it!

New photos
Check out for a new gallery containing photos from Anastacia's latest radio shows in Germany! Another new photo from backstage at the Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag appeared online, you can find it here on our facebook.

Staring At The Sun Single Release
News about the release of Anastacia second single our of her album "Resurrection" were posted on her website today.

"We are pleased to announce that ‘Staring At The Sun’ will be the second single to be taken from Anastacia’s ‘Top 10’ album ‘Resurrection’ which is out now!

This sparkling song will be released in:
France on 25th August
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Nordics & Benelux on 29th August
UK & worldwide on 1st September

28th July 2014
by Babs

Anastacia on UK TV
Anastacia will be a guest at the UK TV show "Let's so lunch with Gino & Mel" on Tuesday August 5th at 12:30pm on ITV! She will talk about her new single there.

Anastacia on UK radio
Anastacia will be on BBC radio 2 on Sunday August 3rd for an interview as also to perform two songs! Check the show "Weekend Wogan" starting at 11:00am!

Today MTV UK told that Anastacia will soon host her own countdown. As part of the show, she'll be answering questions from the fanily all around the world! Read more here!

Anastacia's upcoming 2nd single from her album "Resurrection" arrived on some radio playlists! So it is up to us again to support her and send our music wishes to the radio stations!
So FANILY please support Anastacia and contact the radio stations in your country, place your music wish there and get "Staring At The Sun" on air!!! For this you can use our Worldwide Radio Request List!

Some radio station have already votings where you can vote for "Staring At The Sun" to be played on air! Check the links below and VOTE!!! If you find a voting link please send via to

>> Hitradio FFH Voting <<
>> <<

27th July 2014
by Marli

Smallest concert in the world
Anastacia gave the world's smallest concert in Marburg for the radio station FFH. You can see pictures of the gig here and hier. There are also videos online here and here:

The rumor turned out to be true, Anastacia will be in the jury of the new RTL show "Rising Star" together with Sasha, Gentleman and Joy Denalane. See some pictures of a first presentation given in Hamburg here and here.

Anastacia gave a concert on 15th July for the radio station WDR2. Here are a couple of photos for you. There is also a report from a very fascinated journalist.


Anastacia confirmed on Twitter that the video for Starting At The Sun will be shot in August. On Facebook she thanked her fans for a successful fun week in German in a VIDEO MESSAGE.


New Interviews and Articles

  • Rising Star Augsburger Allgemeine ARTICLE

New Photos

  • SZ Photoshooting Fotos
  • Stars @NDR2 Vechta Fotos
  • Reinland-Pfalz-Tag in Neuwied Fotos

New Videos

  • Brisant Interview - Germany VIDEO
  • Rosa Lopez - Spain VIDEO
  • Anastacia honest and optimistic - Germany VIDEO
  • Rising Star Jury VIDEO

3rd July 2014
by Babs

Anastacia will do a special radio concert for the german radio WDR2 in Cologne on July 15th! The tickets will be raffled daily from Monday July 7th on through the new app of the radio station, on their website as well as live on the radio program! The concert will be also broadcasted live on a stream!

Today the rumor started that Anastacia will be a judge on the new talent show "Rising Star" on german TVchannel RTL? According to the rumors she will be judge together with the german singer Sasha and Gentleman. Read more about it here (german)! "Rising Star" is an interactive talent show where the TV audience can vote through an app.

We're happy to announce the winner of our raffle in June. The signed "Stupid Little Things" single is ready to go on her way to the USA! The lucky winner is Nick from North Haven/USA! Congratulations, we hope you have fun with this package!
Ready for the next raffle? This time you can win MEGA POSTER (ca. 65cm x 196cm) from Anastacia by s.Oliver which is very rare!

According to a facebook post of the club Anastacia will perform at G-A-Y London on July 26th. Tickets are available at the same day!

You can still vote "Boom" for the FIFA World Cup Song on! You just have to register with facebook or twitter on the site and then you can vote 10 times a day! Click here to vote!

Anastacia asked told on her twitter that she is working on the "Resurrection Tour" during her home time. She asked which songs her FANILY wants her to put on the setlist! So just follow and answer her on twitter!

This week a wonderful performance video was published from pianist Christian Sánchez. He performed "Pieces Of A Dream" together with Anastacia back 2011 on a the spanish show Dreamland. Just check out the video:

New Interviews and Articles

  • Talent show rumor by ARTICLE
  • Talent show rumor by ARTICLE

New Videos

  • Interview for Seitsmesed - Estonia VIDEO
  • Message for - Spain VIDEO

25th June 2014
by Babs

Kieler Woche canceled
As we know since a few days the concert at Kieler Woche in Germany which was scheduled for Friday June 27th got canceled. Anastacia had to undergo a hernia procedure and doctors told her to not travel for the next couple of weeks! Also the Hit West show in Normandie, France on 2nd July is canceled!
On her facebook she already sent a message to her fanily:

"Hi my lovely Fanily in GERMANY and FRANCE. I am sorry that I won't be able to make the RSH radio show in Kiel, Germany on 27th June and the Hit West show in Normandie, France on 2nd July. So sorry indeed!

I have had to have a hernia procedure and it just means under Doctor's orders I am not allowed to travel for the next couple of weeks.

I'll be back soon to shoot the new video and...of course...I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE TOUR!!!!

Appreciate your support as always.

A xo"

Most important thing is that Anastacia gets well soon, so we send our well wished and love her direction!

Anastacia will be a headliner at the Manchester Pride from August 22nd to 25th! More details about the exact date to follow!

Anastacia did a guest appreance at the german daily soap "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" which will be broadcasted on July 23rd!

New Interviews and Articles
Find a summary of the latest interviews and articles here:

  • Review by rsh. de, Germany Review
  • Vie pratique Féminin, France Article

New Videos

18th June 2014
by Babs

Krämerbrückenfest Erfurt
Anastacia performed a 1-hour-show at the Krämerbrückenfest in Erfurt/Germany on June 13th. Our Andi did a brilliant video of the whole show which you can watch on our YouTube Channel now!

Members check the download area for a download of the full show!

New Interviews and Articles
Find a summary of the latest interviews and articles here:

New Videos

New Pictures

  • Anastacia with austrian singer Christina Stürmer at Regenbogen Award in Rust/Germany Photo
  • Anastacia live in Erfurt by Marco Sänger Photos
  • Anastacia live in Erfurt by Annekathrin Linge Photography Photos
  • Anastacia live in Erfurt by Michael Kremer Photos

06th June 2014
by Babs

May raffle
We're ready to announce the winner of our May raffle! Congratulations to Carolin from Seevetal/Germany!
Also we want to welcome some new members and tell you all not to forget to take part in our monthly raffle as they are really woth it! Every month you find specials like rare posters, signed CD's, autographs or other collectibles in our raffles! Perfect stuff for fanily members!
And so we also did this month, check it out take part and win a signed version of "Stupid Little Things"

05th June 2014
by Marli

Anastacia at Lo Spetaccolo Sta Per Iniziare in Verona
Anastacia performed an alternative breathtaking version of her song Stupid Little Things at the Verona Arena, check it out:

Resurrection Tour 2014

New Interviews and Articles
Again the week was full of news and articles, read or listen to them here:

New Perfomances and Videos

New Pictures

24th Mai 2014
by Marli

Anastacia at Stars@NDR2
Anastacia will perform at the Stars@NDR2 festival in Vechta at Stoppelmarkt 19th July. The festival will get presented by the channel NDR2. Find further details here.

Anastacia at RTL La Grande Studio
Anastacia gave an awesome acoustic performance in France at La Grande Studio which will be broadcasted today, check out a first clip:

New Interviews and Articles
Again the week was full of news and articles, read or listen to them here:

New Performances and Videos

New Photos

12th Mai 2014
by Marli


Again we have been lucky enough to support the Anastacia Fund with a donation of € 3.000,- !!!
All thanks go out to our members who support this with their membership fee as also with the stuff that is available in our shop! And also thanks to everyone who purchased a SURVIVOR CHICK SHIRT!!! Anastacia was so happy and sends out her thanks to everyone who supported the good cause! :)
(There are some more pics of the handing over here)

Surprise in the download section
We have a surpirse for our members in the audio-section of the download space. Log in , download and have fun listening :)

Anastacia at Lorraine's
Anastacia was a guest at the show Lorraine while she spent some time in the UK, see the video here (Thanks Sarah)

New Interviews and Articles
Again the week was full of news and articles, read or listen to them here:

New Performances and Videos

New Pictures


6h May 2014
by Marli

RTL Late Night Addendum
Besides Photos from her performance there is also finally a video from her Break-Performance of Left Outside Alone, watch here:

There is also a new interview with Radio Sender RTL 2 but also with RTL Boulevard:

M6 Must Celebrities Interview

Resurrection Album Review gave the album a very good review and claims that Anastacis is rising from the ashes. Another review comes from Buzzfeed.

New Interviews & Videos & Photos
New Interviews have arrived, amongs them one with, a Video-Interview with WDR 2, a Making Of from the Grazia Shooting, a Le Journal Interview and a birthday serenade for Radio FFN, an interview with NWZ Online, a Fabulous Interview and a T-Online Interview.

Furthermore Anastacia was a guest at Lorraine's, you have a couple of more days to watch the episode online here.

Ansatacia was also a guest at Sunday Brunch, so far we got photos here and here.

Some new HQ pictures from her appearance at DH Radio appeared in their Gallery.

And last but not least a personalized Video-Message from Anastacia.

New Date
Anastacia is going to sing at Radio Regenbogen Music @ Park in Europa Park Rust at 9th August. More infos here.

4th May 2014
by Babs

Winner of April raffle
And the winner is........Sarina from Ferenbalm/Switzerland .....congratulations and enjoy this BIG poster! And who will be the next winner in May??? This month you can get a miniature from Anastacia's "Live At Last" Tour bus by "Beat The Street" and a Survivor Chick wristband!

3rd May 2014
by Marli

Paul O'Grady Show
Anastacia was a guest at the Paul O'Grady show and proved courage by cuddling with snakes, find photos here. And watch the video of her performance here:

Anastacia in the Netherlands
Anastacia performed Stupid Little Things and Left Outside Alone in a commercial break at RTL Late Night. Find pictures of her appearance here. And find the video of her performance here.

You can also watch an interview with ANP here. A funny backstage video was posted by the people of Radio DH, watch here.

Furthermore there are some pictures of Anastacia leaving the RTL Studios and arriving there.

Resurrection TV Commercial

Anastacia is on the cover of Burst magazine, buy the issue online here or find the scans online. Also Anastacia came back to Germany and was interviewed by Frauke Ludowig for RTL Exclusive, two pics can be found here, here and here. The interview will be broadcasted next week. Also Anastacia spke to Radio BBC Scotland , find the interview here from 1h22min on.

01st Ma 2014
by Marli

Big Summary
Anastacia has bees in her butt lately. The commercial drum is rolling and one gig comes after another. Following you'll find a summary of what happened in the past days and what's coming up in the near future.

Info: All upcoming gigs and broadcasts can be found on this LIST.





Ressurection Previews
On iTunes you can find longer previews for the tracks on the album, amongst them is Underdog.

Album Signing in Italy
Anastacia is gonna do an album signing at LaFeltrinelli, Piazza Piemonte in Milano on 7th May. You have to buy the album in advance online or in the store along with a pass for the signing. All deeds here.

Facebook Q&A
Anastacia's gonna do a Facebook Q&A next week, all you have to do is submit your quesstions in the comment section to this video. She'll pick the best three questions and answer them.


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